Friday, May 30, 2008

Skeeters 2

I put the cats' food shelter covers back on the same day I took them off because rain was rolling in. The next day, I bought an electric mosquito killer. Hung it inside the garage at first, for lack of anywhere better, then had a handyman put up a hook on the outside of the garage so the skeeter killer could hang out there and probably do more good. Naturally, we had an absolute deluge of a rainstorm that day which started 20 minutes before I got off work and damaged the skeeter killer. I had it up & running for all of two days--grrr! Fortunately (miraculously, really), the manufacturer said I can mail it to them and they'll ship a replacement, so that's underway. In the meantime, of course, we still have skeeters. I haven't noticed them in the food shelters again, just munching on me when I go outside. Will keep an eye on things.

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