Thursday, May 22, 2008

Post-poke trauma and horrible gas

Poor Minnie, she was not happy yesterday after her vet visit--I don't think she even slept with me all night, just hopped up for lovin' shortly before the alarm went off this morning. The rest of the time, she hid in the bedroom closet (and sometimes under the furnace, in a space accessible from the closet). She went back to the closet again this morning. I don't know if she's still not feeling well or what. She ate normally this morning and went out to play, but came back in early. She should be OK after a day's rest, though. She did get three vaccinations, after all--that'd put me off my feed, too.

I'm a little concerned about Leo. He seems fine, but he's looking rather skinny these days.

I noticed gas went up a few cents again yesterday and decided to top off my tank before the price really gets nasty on Memorial Day. Apparently, everybody else had a same idea. I had a heckuva time convincing the rather harried attendant that I wasn't the person who had just pumped $9 from the pump I went to. Guess the woman before me stiffed 'em. For what, two and a half gallons?? Some people have no manners.

I got seven gallons and it cost me $26-something. Unbelievable. I remember 28-cent/gal. gas a loooooooooong time ago. And 8-cent stamps. And an issue of Mad magazine for 75 cents or thereabouts.

Good gravy, I'm old....

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