Thursday, May 1, 2008


This morning, Minnie followed Leo's lead and caught her very own bird. She proudly brought it to the glass back door and looked at me to be let in, but ungrateful Mom was not appreciative of her gift and refused to let her in with that bird in her mouth (she once brought a not-quite-dead bird into the house before I spotted it and her prey got loose and flapped all around the room before I could catch it!). Minnie walked around with this bird in her mouth awhile, then settled down where Leo had eaten his bird, and, whaddayaknow, here comes Leo. Minnie never ate her prize, oddly, and eventually Leo stole it away from her. I thought he was going to eat it right away, like he did the other bird, but he batted it around for a while as if it were a fuzzy mouse. Yuckola!

I hope these birds learn soon that they risk their lives getting too close to the ground in my yard.

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