Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nature red in tooth and claw

If I needed any evidence that Leo, the semi-feral cat who formerly shared my house (until he sprayed the kitchen), is getting along well outside, I had it yesterday evening: Leo supplemented his scientifically balanced Purina diet with a juicy little bird he'd caught. Needless to say, I did not stick around to observe the feast--I just made sure the bird was dead (and so couldn't be tortured) and left Leo to his bounty. Minnie, my house cat, who was inside at the time, sat by the glass back door fascinated at the sight of Leo's extra dinner...and probably wanting to get out there & swipe a bit for herself.

Cats are most definitely carnivores.

Oh, BTW, those purple flowering bushes I photographed and blogged last time are probably catmint. I still don't know what the red ones are.

Today, I washed out the little doghouses (peed-in, again), took out the winter bedding, and set them outside so the feral cats (including Leo the Pee Monster) can get out of the sun without having to resort to the horribly hot garage. I don't know how welcome or effective this will be, but I read it online somewhere and thought I'd try it.

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