Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nature red in tooth and claw

If I needed any evidence that Leo, the semi-feral cat who formerly shared my house (until he sprayed the kitchen), is getting along well outside, I had it yesterday evening: Leo supplemented his scientifically balanced Purina diet with a juicy little bird he'd caught. Needless to say, I did not stick around to observe the feast--I just made sure the bird was dead (and so couldn't be tortured) and left Leo to his bounty. Minnie, my house cat, who was inside at the time, sat by the glass back door fascinated at the sight of Leo's extra dinner...and probably wanting to get out there & swipe a bit for herself.

Cats are most definitely carnivores.

Oh, BTW, those purple flowering bushes I photographed and blogged last time are probably catmint. I still don't know what the red ones are.

Today, I washed out the little doghouses (peed-in, again), took out the winter bedding, and set them outside so the feral cats (including Leo the Pee Monster) can get out of the sun without having to resort to the horribly hot garage. I don't know how welcome or effective this will be, but I read it online somewhere and thought I'd try it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring has sprung

Here are some pretty flowers (or flowering bushes-- whatever) growing in the courtyard of my office building. I have no idea what they are (a green thumb I am not), but they're nice to look at out my window when I really should be working.  :)  This pic is on my Flickr site; there are more of today's courtyard pix there.

I actually got enough sleep this morning. I woke at 7-freakin'-a.m., but I felt refreshed. Unreal how rare that is. I can only assume that Minnie found something fascinating to occupy herself all night, or maybe she just took pity on me and let me have an entire night's sleep for once.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Meeting report

Well, the meeting between my cat Minnie and my sister's cat Sammi didn't exactly go smoothly. I really thought the trouble would come from Minnie's side (after all, she's known as the "scrappin' cat" at my vet's office), but Sammi demonstrated a crabby nature hitherto unsuspected in a cat who, up to now, has seemed to be the most laid-back feline on the planet (except for Ragdolls). Every time Sammi saw Minnie in the house or one of the ferals outside, she'd thrash her tail & hiss & make that "scat or I'll shred you!" warning growl. We tried introducing our two girls through the door of my sister's room (usually my office), we tried introducing them with Sammi out in the living room in her carrier, we tried introducing them face-to-face 48 hours after Sammi had arrived....All a big no-go. We think Sammi was just stressed and insecure, but it does seem strange that she would so assiduously defend territory not her own. Even my friendliest feral cat, Leo, who is never allowed inside the house anymore, provoked Sammi's wrath when he came up to the screen door and peered in at her.

Poor Sammi--she was completely freaky by the time the last morning of her visit rolled around. My sister decided to book outta here ASAP in order to get Sammi back home.

The weird thing is, Minnie sat outside the office door several times while Sammi was shut in there and just purred her little heart out. I think she wanted to be friends! This is very unusual behavior for my scrappin' cat, but there you are. We had two oddball cats this weekend.

So the experiment failed, but at least there were no bloody fights--we just "rotated" the cats depending on when Minnie wanted out. If Minnie's outside, Sammi can have the run of the house; when Minnie wants in, Sammi has to go back in her room. It worked out fine, especially with Minnie wanting to soak up as much nice weather as possible this weekend. And now Sammi's gone back home, and Minnie's the queen of her castle again.

Anyway, my sister & I had fun, even if the cats didn't.  :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Meetin' the relatives

So if, while speaking to my cat (who, of course, understands every word I say), I refer to my sister as "Aunt A.," does that mean my sister's cat would be Minnie's cousin?  :D  At any rate, Minnie gets to meet her "cousin" Sammi next Thursday, which should be very interesting (and, hopefully, not bloody). I'm going to plug in the Comfort-Zone-clone cat-calming thingy Thursday morning in hopes of keeping Minnie mellow when Sammi arrives. They'll be in close proximity for four days. We'll see how it goes!

Friday, April 4, 2008

NOT sick, yay!

At least I don't think Minnie's sick--she certainly acted normal this morning & nearly normal yesterday evening. And she went right for the stinky meat on both occasions, plus ate her normal dry food in normal amounts. Maybe she ate a weird bug Wednesday night and that's why she was off her feed Thursday morning. In any case, I'm sure glad she's better.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sick kitty?

Minnie was off her feed this morning--she turned up her nose at her favorite stinky meat and was very quiet generally. I was going to put off her shots-&-tests trip until May (financial thing), but I may have to take her to the vet before that. I'll see how she's feeling after work today and then decide. Since she's an indoor/outdoor kitty, she's at risk for FeLk and FIV...and I did notice a scratch in one ear a couple of weeks ago. I hope it's just a temporary bug or she ate something slightly weird. She was just fine last night, snuggling up on my shoulder in bed.

I know, lots of people preach on keeping cats indoor-only, but it just isn't practical. Minnie would hate it and get psychotic on me like Willy did.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some days I just need to look at rainbows...

...and there are some beauties at Missouri Skies.

I've had a little problem in the old brainpan for a while. Tried upping my Z dose, but had to cut back again because the scrip ran out. The cavalry is coming to the rescue, however--just a matter of days. In the meantime, I need to get back to pretending I'm a good employee instead of wallowing in bed. Starting tomorrow.


This is one of the ferals who visit my backyard. I've named him Stumpy, but you can't see why in this photo: his tail is truncated maybe an inch above the natural tip and the fur is sort of squared-off at the end. He's a sweetie; sometimes he'll almost let me pet him. He and Minnie sniff noses now & then, too.

Also, this is a test of blogging a pic from Flickr. All these new-fangled thangs need tryin' out.