Saturday, March 29, 2008

Photo class

Took my camera for a walk again today and came away with several pictures of jackrabbits and redbud trees. It was pretty cloudy, so I enhanced the color and contrast in Photoshop quite a bit. Next time I buy a camera, I'd like a telephoto lens and a real viewfinder--the telephoto lens for getting better close-ups of critters I can't really get close to without alarming them, and the viewfinder so I can see what the tar I'm shooting despite the ambient light. Even on an overcast day, the LED screen was hard to see.

I'm still confused about all the image options on my camera--there are so many, I can't remember them all (or even a few!), plus I'm never sure after I get home and empty the camera what settings worked well & what didn't. But it's not like I've been getting out there every day to shoot pix. I should also take a notebook; that was recommended in one of the digital photography books I read recently.

As you can see, Zen bunny is at one with the redbuds. You can see more of my pix at my Flickr page.

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Lithium said...

very nice picture