Saturday, March 8, 2008

Leo strikes again

Minnie came home the other night smelling of Eau de Pee, so I figured Leo had soiled the bedding in one of his doghouses in the garage at some point & Minnie burrowed into one of them (she loves to burrow). Oy...turned out to be the bedding in both doghouses, all over the inside of both houses, and, just for kicks, some on the outside, too. Good lord....Why on earth would he pee/spray so liberally in both beds? Why piss where you sleep?? Why ask why--he's a cat, & all that spraying is why he lives outside now. When the weather warms up, I won't have to deal with pee-covered bedding--just the doghouses themselves, I'm sure. As it was, I had quite a mess to clean up yesterday after work, when I was so ready to collapse on the couch instead.

By the way, those bathing wipes for cats, in combination with a thorough brushing, do get the smell of pee out of a long-haired cat, thank goodness.

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