Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Diet vs. Girl Scout Cookies

All I can say is it's a damn good thing the Girl Scouts sell cookies only once a year. I love lemon cookies. And, of course, there are thin mints. And neither of those treats really falls into the losing-weight category. But it's only once a year!

And then there's candy at Valentine's (assuming, since I'm single, that someone takes pity on me), candy at Halloween, swarms of goodies at Christmas, and (usually) M&M's in the office dispenser. Nobody's been filling the dadgum dispenser lately. That's probably a good thing.

One good diet-ish thing I've done lately is more-or-less give up soda pop. Practically unAmerican, isn't it? Over the course of switching to decaf sodas, then reducing my intake of them (because they're just not as good, for some reason), I seem to have lost my addiction to Dr. Pepper. We won't even discuss diet sodas; they're too nasty for words. So I'm basically off the half-pound of sugar that comes in every soda. That oughta help some.

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