Saturday, February 9, 2008

Baby photog

OK, I'm not quite a baby, but I haven't taken a good photo in ages & I decided I wanted to try again, despite the shaking hands. That's what they make image stabilization & tripods for, right? So I took my camera for a ride today. Forgot the tripod, but I think I did OK, anyway--tuck in the elbows, hold your breath right before shooting, maybe lean against a wall. Here's a spiffy iron gate looking into the courtyard at the building where I work, with only minimal tweaking in Photoshop Elements (using the Straighten tool).

They commissioned a bunch of this sculpture for our new building. It represents native grasses in this area. Now, if I were a real photojournalist, I would've written down the artist's name, but I'm just a noob.

I also went to a park & tooks pictures of geese & ducks, including this fellow who seems to be saying, "Whatta YOU lookin' at?"

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