Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Plans B and C

*sigh*...Another mess to clean up this morning. I bought a hooded litterbox with a nice, big opening so it wouldn't be scary, but I hadn't put the hood on yet, just set it near the base, in the hopes that Leo the Pee Monster would gradually get used to it. In the meantime, I tacked up another plastic garbage bag as a backdrop to the new litterbox's base. Naturally, he sprayed on the side instead of the back--right where the plastic backdrop ended. So to hell with subtlety--I slapped the hood on (after cleaning up the base) & he can just get used to it.

The hooded litterbox was Plan B. For Plan C, I'll restart him on the anxiety pills, which I got refilled today. Here's hoping this works. I gotta wonder, though, how long he can stay on those things & whether he'll grow a fifth leg from overuse.

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