Thursday, January 17, 2008

Minnie returns to bed

Minnie finally came back to my bed early this morning--she even got under the covers with me & took a nap. It was very nice after such a long absence. She had basically stopped sleeping on my bed when Leo arrived & took over, despite my reassurances that she was heartily welcome. She just did not like Leo up there...or anywhere else, to be perfectly frank. Which I guess explains why she's such a happy kitty lately.

Leo was still healthy & vocal this morning, after last night's harsh cold. I have visions of walking out to feed the cats one morning & finding him curled up in a frozen ball on the back step. Yes, that's major guilt talking...but not enough to bring him back inside, or even let him remain inside when he manages to streak in past my attempts to block the door, as he did last night. I chased him around the house for ten minutes, stopped for a breather, and finally caught him in his "comfort zone" under the dining table. I put him out and this time he didn't try to get back in.

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