Saturday, January 12, 2008


Leo is thoroughly and finally in the doghouse.

I went into the kitchen this morning to get Minnie and Leo their stinky meat and discovered a puddle of pee on the kitchen counter...and spray all over the backsplash & wall...and on the TOASTER and probably inside the damn thing, too. The toaster hit the trash & Mom went BALLISTIC. I herded both cats out the door (no problem with Minnie; Leo I had to chase all over the house first) and set about cleaning up the mess. Washed the whole area several times, the last time with bleach, then went over it with my UV light like a CSI tech looking for blood (pee fluoresces under UV).

Spraying in the area of the litterboxes is one thing, but doing it on my kitchen counter....That's a deal-breaker.

I'll continue to take care of Leo, but he's not allowed in the house anymore.

And, of course, I feel like an ogre--but a highly justified one.

I keep two feeding stations on my back porch, and I have two little doghouses in the garage, currently seated on thick pieces of styrofoam, to provide a warm place to sleep for any kitty who needs it. Leo will be fine.

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