Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another 20 things about me

Because the only constant is change....
  • I now have one indoor cat and several outdoor ferals.

  • I'm a little depressed about Leo, my formerly-inside-semi-feral who is now living outside (due to inside spraying) & reverting to complete feraldom.

  • Antidepressants mostly work.

  • When I'm depressed, I spend money, including money I don't have (i.e., credit).

  • In spite of recent financial naughtiness, I will be out of debt by the end of 2008 if I have to eat nothing but rice & veggies for the last quarter of the year.

  • For more about my debt situation & reasons to stay right the hell away from debt consolidation scams companies, see my "Tale of Woe."

  • I used to collect elephants. I still have quite a herd on my mantle. I put away the smallest ones so the cats wouldn't eat them.

  • Then I collected jigsaw puzzles, or at any rate acquired a lot of them, mostly from thrift stores. I still have tons, but it's hard to do puzzles with two cats in the house, so I haven't puzzled in a while.

  • I do, however, do puzzling things & think puzzling thoughts, on occasion.

  • Less flippantly, I do crossword puzzles. Lots of 'em. You don't need a lot of space for that, just a working brain & a pencil.

  • I also play Scrabble & routinely thump No.1 Sister at it, poor thing.  ;)

  • No.1 Sister doesn't live in the same town, so we play online at, a site that runs fast & doesn't require Java or Flash or other bandwidth hogs.

  • Other people thump me plenty at Scrabble, & No.1 Sister does sometimes, too. It wouldn't be fun, otherwise.  :)

  • I worked in small newspapers for seven years when I first started out (as an adult on my own, I mean, not as a hatchling).

  • I worked in magazine & book publishing for six years after that.

  • And I work in educational publishing now. Sensing a trend?

  • I've lived in only two states, Oklahoma and Texas.

  • If Texas seceded tomorrow and became its own country again (as certain nutters would like to do), I'd be driving a U-Haul back to Oklahoma the next day. America, as an international entity, does some bloody stupid, illegal, and/or harmful things, but I'm not about to give up my American citizenship.

  • It's been decades since I voted for anyone for president--instead, I've had to settle for voting against one or more candidate(s) by picking the lesser of two or more evils. I'd love to be able to vote for a worthy candidate again. But since the lead Democrats are currently acting like grade-schoolers and the Republicans aren't even under consideration in my mind, that doesn't look likely this year.

  • In spite of the stink of politics, I do vote, always hoping that my vote actually counts.

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