Saturday, January 5, 2008

20 more things about me

Because it's there....
  • I'm an atheist. I totally believe people reap what they sow, but not in an oppressive Christian-religion kinda way. I do not believe in a supernatural god(s).

  • If there is a heaven, the only ones who'd qualify for it are cats, dogs, & Mother Teresa.

  • Which is not to say that cats & dogs are nice all the time, but mostly...and when they're not, well, they're animals, whaddaya expect.

  • I prefer cats to people, hands down.

  • I have the ashes of one of my ferals (Leo's older brother, Whitetip) in a white cat-shaped urn in my office.

  • I like getting new computer toys.

  • I like it even better when the company pays for 'em.

  • The first computer I ever used was a Compugraphic 7200 headline phototypesetter. You can see one here:, along with a lot of other equipment I used to use & work I used to do (no, not at that exact place).

  • I went to vo-tech to learn to use that fine machine. I also learned to run small presses, shoot negatives on a giant horizontal galley camera, strip negatives, burn plates, and staple assembled brochures on a whizzy machine that nearly took a girl's finger off once (not mine). VO-TECH RULES!

  • I discovered that vo-tech Offset Printing class accidentally shortly before the semester was to start; before that, I'd signed up for banking (bore me!).

  • I did not go to college, although I considered doing so a couple of times way after the usual college age. My budget said, "Forget it." Anyway, I had a library card; what did I need college for?

  • While at vo-tech, I also used a Mergenthaler LinoTerm phototypesetter; I don't recall the model number.

  • I blew my vo-tech teacher away when I started typing on the LinoTerm & hammered up to 100 wpm.

  • I learned to type on my mother's cast-iron Underwood dinosaur. It's like typing with weights tied to your fingers. No freakin' wonder I nearly melted the plastic keyboard on the LinoTerm.

  • I still type pretty dern fast.

  • Fast typing isn't a requirement in my present job, but it doesn't hurt.

  • I used to be a dedicated Mac user.

  • I switched to PCs only for better compatibility with my work computer, in case I had to bring work home.

  • I don't bring as much work home as I used to, but I still have a PC. Sorry, but it's cheaper and just as functional. Plus I'm more confident with PCs now than I used to be.

  • I've done web scripting in Cold Fusion, ASP, and JavaScript, but not computer programming (although I tried to learn C++). Actual programming is just too much for my brain.

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